• What is this PAX thingy?

    PAX is like the Spotify for passenger experiences. So everytime you take a flight, you can share your travel experiences in real-time with passengers across the world, based on who they are, what they like whilst traveling and when they are traveling.

  • How does it work in real life?

    So imagine traveling from LHR to SFO. You can share your experiences right from getting to the airport, check-in , security to inflight meal , in real time with the world. Our AI then identifies the people who are traveling or going to travel to LHR or on LHR-SFO route or on the same flight as yours, and based on what they value most when they fly delivers your experiences to them. So someone who values IFE on flight most and will be on the same flight as yours a week from now, will see your IFE experience before your food experience. So, your travel experiences reach a much much larger audience with much greater personalisation!

  • How are you different from and etc?

    It differs in three important ways

    1. We are a mobile only platform. This means the focus is on real-time sharing of experiences via voice , images and videos, rather than story telling.

    2. Our goal is to connect AVGeeks and Frequent flyers to those travelers who want to fly better and enjoy flying. Today gamers, chefs and artists are earning big bucks by sharing their 'journey' live with millions of people who are excited to be a part of that journey. We want AVGeeks and Frequent Flyers to be able to do just that. By using AI you automatically reach the people who would find your experiences most useful and connect with them. So people don't have to search for you, your opinions reach them automatically!

    3. PAX focuses on making your life easier. PAX's AI takes into account the traveling personality of the user, their upcoming travel itinerary and what they top priorities are whilst traveling and delivers them crowdsourced content according to that. So we deliver to your screen the things you had spent hours searching for previously!

  • How is it different from Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter?

    In the same way they differ from each other. They have all been built for different purpose and for a different audience. PAX has been built by people with more than 25 years of industry experience, with sole focus on aviation and its different needs. No airline or airport is allowed on PAX, so there is no customer service, so there is no whining and shouting like it is on Twitter. Content has a much longer life than on Facebook or Twitter, because we know that aviation changes slowly. Videos are attached to touchpoints unlike on YouTube, because we know every traveler likes something different.

  • How do I download the app?

    We are heading to a private beta this January and we would love for you to be a part of it! All you have to do is head to the founders page. Once part of our elite Founder's group

    1. You can shape PAX as per your needs by giving us feedback about what features you would want and what features should be improved.

    2. You will be listed on PAX’s website as a core contributor on the Founder’s page and be an influencer for life.

    3. You will be the first one to be eligible for monetary rewards on their launch in March 2017. Only 100 spots are up for grabs so sign-up now!

    Only 100 spots are up for grabs so sign-up now!