Our journey

There is something special about us travellers. The spirit to look out for your fellow traveller, the joy of discovering and sharing new experiences with the world — something that turns a trip into a journey.

We wanted to celebrate this spirit of travellers by creating a travel only platform that made sharing, discovering and using travel experiences simpler, better and more fun. We wanted to ensure that your travel experiences were not lost in your Twitter feed, but was shared with people when and where they needed it the most. Out of this PAX was born.



While going through our social media profiles we discovered just how difficult it was to find the right PaxEx at the right time. How easy it was to lose useful information in the never-ending Twitter stream.

July 2014 - December 2015

Discovering something cool!

We look around FlyerTalk and Flight-Report.com and were impressed by the quality of content. But we wondered if there is a way we can share all those experiences in a more accessible way.

January 2016 - February 2016

The first steps

We experiment with a few flight reports to develop the initial idea of how we can make sharing and accessing travel experiences easier and more fun.

February 2016- August 2016

Putting PAX to the test

We create the first prototype and demo it at the world Low-Cost Airlines Congress in London. People love the prototype and share some cool ideas and feedback.

August 2016 - September 2016

Kickstarting the change!

We get our team together, and with five humans and two cats, we start making the best travel experience sharing and discovery app ever.

October 2016

Getting our Founders!

We reach out to the AVGeek community for our Founder's Group and receive a great response! With this vibrant community, we set out to fine-tune the product.

January 2017

The Beta!

Beta Launch January 2017

January 2017

Making PAX awesome!

The feedback from our Founders are included in the app as we iterate rapidly to make the best travel experience sharing app ever.

January 2017 - March 2017

The big reveal

We launch PAX for everyday users!

April 2017