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Discover passenger experiences from across the world — Live!

Launching Jan 2017

Why Use PAX?

Real-time Insights From Verified Travelers

PAX works in real-time. Based on your travel itinerary and departure time, PAX connects you to a live-stream of tips and experiences about your airport and flight, contributed by verified travellers. Old information is discarded, making sure that you get a clear and recent picture of what lies ahead.

Helps you discover new experiences

PAX is smart. It collects passenger experiences from across the world and delivers to you the ones that best match your travel personality and preferences. Our AI helps you discover experiences that you would have otherwise missed, whilst making sure that you never have to search for any PAXEX anymore

Get Rewards and Recognition

PAX is a community of people helping each other travel better — in real-time. The contributors are rewarded with specialized badges and social kudos, shareable across blogs and social platforms. Swag and retail discounts await the top contributors in addition to global industry recognition.

How To Use PAX?

Before Travel

Update Your Travel Plan And Preferences

Our AI engine then learns your travel preferences and plans, and delivers tips and reviews that best match them. So you only see curated tips and reviews that you can actually use.

During Travel

Connect With Your Fellow Travellers

Based on your travel itinerary and departure time, PAX connects you to a live-stream of tips and updates about your airport and flight, contributed by verified travellers currently travelling through your airport or your flight. So you can circumvent problems and discover new things.

During and After Travel

Give Back to The Community and Win!

Go on Quests* on behalf of your fellow passengers. Quests lets you leave structured tips and reviews about your airport and flight which will be instantly delivered to travelers who need it the most. You in turn, will earn some awesome rewards, recognition and swag!

Rewards and Recognition

The users who contribute tips and quests will earn global recognition and rewards such as personalized dashboard, retail discounts added services and social recognition badges.

Verified Travelers

PAX scans the user’s boarding pass to verify the authenticity of tips and quests. So only verified tips and quests are rewarded and allowed to appear on your screen

Interests filters

Our algorithms make sure that you see only what is useful and important to you, making sure that you only have information that you desire and enjoy.


Headsup enables passengers traveling from the same airport or flight to use the power of crowdsourced tips to avoid problems and discover new delights whilst traveling.

An Image and 60 words

Quests limits the responses to 60 words (or voice) and an image. This means easily consumable travel advice crowdsourced from verified travelers.

Become a Specialists

Become a specialist by going on specialized quests and be recognized in the industry and world over for your though leadership.